Wheat Flour

Cleopatre LLC provide to the worldwide the best wheat flour from the bests continents providers North and South America, East […]


Rice is one of the world’s most significant food crops. Approximately 488 million tons are grown annually, with Asia accounting […]


sugar is one of the mst consumed product on earth. That’s why we are one of the leading direct seller […]

Sunflowers oil and seeds,

Cleopatre LLC is a wholesale bulk supplier of Sunflower seeds and Oil, a natural oil extracted from sunflower (Helianthus annuus) […]


The use of a combination of the most cutting edge technologies, to ensure complete food safety, both by destroying all […]


Cleopatre LLC is expecting to become one of the largest rought diamond trading companie. Cleopatre LLC now provides a host […]


Cleopatre LLC is selling that certified gold and precious metals from artisanal and small-scale miners will become embedded into the […]


Silver mining began when ancient civilizations in Asia Minor first mined the metal over 5,000 years ago. Almost 1,800 years […]


In 2012, the global trade in mercury reached a peak of US$210 million. Four thousand and forty tonnes of the […]


Copper is a highly versatile metal that can conduct electricity and is a necessary trace mineral in all living things. […]


Cleopatre LLC is selling & trading equipment specializing in quality used tractors & machinery. Our inventory is changing continually so […]