Wheat Flour

Cleopatre LLC provide to the worldwide the best wheat flour from the bests continents providers North and South America, East Europe …. in the limitless quantity you can desire.
That the mill of multiple classes of wheat to produce a wide range of flours for bakers and food processors. Soft red, soft white, hard red winter and hard red spring wheats are available for milling, either individually or blended. We provide varieties of white flour, whole wheat flour and wheat bran.
All of our whole wheat flours are 100 percent whole grain and can be milled from soft wheats or hard red spring wheat, providing a wide range of protein options. The wheat used in our whole wheat products goes through an extensive cleaning process that includes electronic color sorters. This process yields products of the highest purity and quality.
Our soft white whole wheat flour has a more neutral flavor profile and lighter color than red wheats. For these reasons, it is preferred by many bakers and other food processors. This product is ideal for making graham crackers, pancakes, muffins and many other whole grain products as well as in the distillation of vodka, whiskeys and neutral grain spirits.
Hard red spring whole wheat flour is ideal for pizza crust, artisan breads, pan breads and many other yeast-raised products.
We export Wheat Flour ,Prime extra,First & second grade